Oil & Filter Service

A basic engine service is required every 6 Months or 10,000kms, whichever comes first, for optimum engine longevity. An engine oil and filter change includes replacement of the oil filter and oil as well as a general mechanical safety inspection.

“A” Service

A minor service, which includes an oil and filter change, is recommended every 6 Months or 10,000kms. The “A” Service includes an engine flush, the engine oil and oil filter change, throttle body clean, replacement of the air and cabin filters a necessary, de-dust and adjustment of brakes including handbrake, full suspension check and retension, percentage check and top up of fluid levels, addition of fuel treatment to system, checking tyres and tyre pressures, battery check, thorough mechanical and safety inspection, road test and full vehicle condition report.

“B” Service

A major service, which includes a full minor service, is carried out as per individual manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for the vehicle. Additional to everything in the “A” Service, a “B” Service includes replacement of the fuel filter and spark plugs, where necessary, as well as an electronic tune up with oscilloscope, exhaust emissions test and full scan check of the engine management system. We also check and clear fault codes, report on codes if present, and reset fuel trims and computer settings where necessary, for improved fuel economy and engine efficiency.

Automatic Transmission Transfusion

As per manufacturer’s specifications or recommendation, automatic transmission fluid changes are recommended at regular intervals for optimum performance and longevity, helping to prevent common transmission failures causing by fluid contamination and poor fluid quality.

Using Wynn’s™ Automatic Transmission Flusher Kit, over ten litres of fluid are flushed through the system, including the torque converter, replacing over 95% of old fluid unlike common drain-and-refill procedures. The Automatic Transmission Transfusion cleans out sludge build up and varnish deposits and conditions the transmission for smoother shifting and improved fuel economy.

Power Steering System Service

As per manufacturer’s specifications or recommendation, regular power steering fluid changes are recommended for optimum power steering performance and longevity. Contamination of power steering fluid can compromise the performance of the system.

Using Wynn’s™ Power Steering System Service Kit, the whole system is power flushed, conditioning and revitalizing power steering components including the rack and pinion, power steering pump and cooler pipes. The Power Steering System Service cleans out sludge build up and varnish deposits for improved steering response and system longevity.

Cooling System Service

As per manufacturer’s specifications or recommendation, regular coolant changes help prevent overheating and running costs associated with a poorly maintained cooling system. Coolant degrades with time and use and its efficiency to cool and protect the engine is compromised

Using Wynn’s™ Cooling System Service Kit, up to five litres of coolant are flushed through the system, including the radiator, hoses, heater core and engine block, lubricating and revitalizing seals and system components. Regular Cooling System maintenance helps protect against extremes of climate and conditions the system for optimum efficiency and performance.


Prices vary for different makes and models so give us a call or drop in today for a service quote on YOUR vehicle.