Adamstown Car Doctors prides itself on being an industry leader in the latest automotive technology and innovations. Through advanced training and in-house workshops our technicians are able to confidently diagnose a wide range of vehicle faults, as well as provide accurate readings on engine performance and emissions.

In order to stay ahead with modern technology and the evolution of the automotive industry, Adamstown Car Doctors use a range of the latest specialist tools for advanced diagnostics.



Our workshop proudly uses CODA Products for engine diagnostics and analysis. CODA Products is a progressive Australian Company specialising in innovative automotive diagnostic equipment design and manufacture. As an industry leader in engine diagnostics and analysis, CODA proudly develop quality tools born in the practical environment of the competitive automotive repair industry. Adamstown Car Doctors uses a range of Coda’s advanced diagnostic tools including the Engine Analyser, Fuel System Analyser and Oscilloscope.

Engine Analyser

Using a 5-Gas Exhaust Analyser, the CODA Engine Analyser accurately measures engine efficiency, as well as exhaust emissions including; air/fuel ratio, oxygen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and lambda.

Fuel System Analyser

On Carburettor & EFI alike, the CODA Fuel System Analyser can dynamically measure fuel pressure & fuel flow as well as engine efficiency and fuel economy. This is the only tool on the market that allows total diagnostics of an engine’s fuel delivery system and exhaust system.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Specifically designed for use on all Automotive Electronic Systems and ignition systems, the CODA Digital Storage Oscilloscope measures ignition timing, vacuum, alternator, fuel injectors & lab scope.


Snap-on Diagnostics | Nothing Even Comes Close tm

When it comes to engine management and diagnostic scans, Adamstown Car Doctors use the Snap-On MODISTM – Modular Diagnostic Information System – Scan Tool. The MODIS is a comprehensive control unit specifically designed to communicate with the engine computer using a 4 Channel Lab Scope with Coil on Plug ignition capabilities, a useful feature in diagnosing intermittent problems.

Reading live and saved data from the engine management system, the MODIS scan tool can be used on a wide variety of vehicles, as far back as 1979 and communicates with over 40 different manufacturers internationally.