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Penrite™ oils are an Australian owned and operated company, since 1926 and specialise in providing high quality engine and transmission oils for optimum protection and longevity of your vehicle. When it comes to synthetic oils, Penrite is a world leader in developing and providing the right oils for optimum engine performance and efficiency.

Penrite oils have an outstanding reputation as being one of the highest quality oils available on the market and also encourage environmentally friendly and safe disposal of used oils. So whether it’s the family sedan, vintage models or performance cars, choose Penrite, a better class of oil.



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Wynn's™ provide a range of automotive products that offer preventative or corrective maintenance and enhanced performance of automotive engines, transmissions, steering units, fuel systems and cooling systems. By incorporating Wynn’s Automotive Additives in routine servicing, your vehicle’s optimum efficiency and longevity is ensured.

Wether your car is 1 year old or 10 years old, Wynn's 70 years as leaders in advanced chemical technology ensures the right product for your vehicle. Wynn's products are designed to improve a vehicles performance, provide protection against premature wear and reduce the deterioration of fuels, oils and fluids. From Performance Enhancing Octane boost and Injector Cleaner, to race proven Friction Proofing, Wynn's products are designed with a total commitment to quality and when it’s Wynn’s, it works.



Bendix™ specialises in providing a full range of brakes for passenger and commercial vehicles alike. A leader in friction material technology and techniques, Bendix is also heavily invested in developing non asbestos parts and developing environmentally friendly products.

Bendix brake pads are designed and manufactured for local conditions, by a company dedicated to building more control, less noise and faster installation into every new pad created. With Bendix, you can put your foot down with confidence.



EXEDY™Corporation is a leading original equipment manufacturer of automotive transmission components for commercial and passenger vehicles alike. A premier distributor of clutch products to the automotive aftermarket, EXEDY is the world's largest original equipment clutch manufacturer for Japanese vehicles.

From street cars to race cars to 4WDs, Exedy has the right performance clutch for you. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of OEM replacement clutches and our reputation for providing superior products, technology and services at the right prices is what drives our business. That’s why we are number 1 for clutch.




KYB™ Corporation is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of shock absorbers for original equipment, supplying around 50 million shocks every year to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. 1 in 4 of the world’s cars and light commercial vehicles leaving the production line are fitted with KYB shock absorbers as original equipment.

High level technology, manufacturing and product quality corresponding with a superb aftermarket engagement, guarantee excellent shock absorbers. At KYB, our precision is your advantage.




Nolathane™ suspension bushings synchronise your suspension system for optimal safety, handling and performance. They are the most positive link between your vehicle’s springs, struts or shocks. Nolathane offers alignment correction and adjustment via offset bushings, shims, eccentric centre tubes and adjustable strut mounts.

Unlike soft rubber bushings that distort under heavy braking or cornering loads, Nolathane bushings maintain alignment settings and offer complete reliability for improved handling & steering response, boosted braking accuracy & control and prolonged life of suspension bushings and tyres. Choose Nolathane – Superior Suspension Systems.




Century Batteries™ is Australia's oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud history of designing and manufacturing batteries here in Australia since 1928. As an affiliate of the world-renowned GS Yuasa Corporation, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world and a world leader in terms of product quality and innovation, their product portfolio includes some of the most technically advanced products and most widely recognised brands available.

Century Batteries, such as the Ultra Hi Performance Range, are designed and manufactured in Australia to better suit our unique conditions. They feature substantial design improvements and specialist hard-wearing components to deliver what motorists and vehicle owners really want - longer life and reliability. Choose Century for batteries that last and last.